Лорем ипсум. Mind and body united equals happy life. It took me a long time to realize how tense I became when I was not doing something I truly believed in or when I was put in a situation when I had to pretend. Believe me, without realizing it, we spend most of our time pretending. This is why most of us are stressed. So I made a decision to make sure my mind and body were in scrunicity. So as I go through my daily business, I am especially sensitive to any tension in my body. And any time I feel any tension, I remind myself to relax, loosen up and empty my mind. Almost do a mini meditation. Then I come back to whatever I am doing and do it in a way that feels acceptable to me.

Who Am I?

The “Who Am I?” question has far-reaching changes than you realize when you first ask it. It also requires some effort to uncover the answer. Once you find out who you are, a powerful force emerges. You want to dig deeper. You want to find out more. You start asking other questions such as:


To empower people and advance global prosperity through inventive, industry-linked Silicon Valley education. ITU pioneers a modern, industry-focused educational model to deliver education globally. ITU's educational pedagogy cultivates innovative thinking, ethical leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit through practical, industry relevant curriculum that reflects Silicon Valley's culture. ITU closes the employment skills gap and empowers people to lead successful, enriching lives as meaningful contributors to the global community. The purpose of ITU is to foster excellence in education for students particularly interested in the high-tech entrepreneurial field. All our programs have an applied nature, with an emphasis on specialty areas tailored to the market needs of Silicon Valley companies. Students are actively encouraged to affiliate or intern with relevant local industry firms from the very beginning of their academic studies as an integral part of ITU’s academic pedagogy. As such, the hallmarks of an ITU education include:


Established in 1994 by Dr. Shu-Park Chan, International Technological University (ITU) provides excellence in education for the future leaders of Silicon Valley corporations, leveraging the best of Silicon Valley’s technology and business models to advance developing economies throughout the world. ITU reflects and enhances Silicon Valley’s unique business culture with six industry-oriented departments that provide high-quality academic and practical training and offer unparalleled educational programs in electrical engineering, digital arts, computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, engineering management, and business administration. ITU degree programs aim to cultivate forward-thinking engineers, engineering managers, and business entrepreneurs and administrators with a deep understanding of professional ethics, intellectual property law, environmental protection, and other contemporary issues.


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